Wednesday, 10 September 2014

NYC giiiiiiiiiirl

Hi everyone, I´m sure you have heard about being a "NYC girl". People refer to someone as that when they are taken as an inspiration for lots of people around the world- and start cool trends that will be on for ages. 
Some of their best accessories and clothes are, for instance, the infamous black beanie, cut-out shoes, ankle booties and fedoras. These are very easy to see on the street, and are very versatile and chic. Bad hair day? Beanie and fedora. Want to look chic and English? Oxfords. Want to have that detail that makes your outfit impossible not to look at? Fur coat. Etc etc etc.
These pieces are some of my favourites, and as always, I will leave you with some ideas o how to style them like a "NYC girl".
Don´t forget to comment! Kat x

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