Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Summer dreaming

Hi there! So Spring is here, and so is good weather (in some lucky places only, but still), and you know what does that mean? Sandals weather! Yay!
So, as my birthday was the 16th of April, my mum didn't have a more incredible idea than buying me some VERSACE JEANS sandals for my birthday, and as soon as the arrived I took some photos of them. I nust love them really much, and hopefully I'll be able to use them very soon!
Hope you have an amazing day! X

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New outlet wanted

Hello there! Guess what this post is about... yeah that's right, I found a new outlet- to be more specific, a Mango outlet.
As I was shopping in a Fashion outlet with my mum and brother we realised there was a Mango outlet calling us (calling me, actually) so we decided to go there, and guess what? I loved it.
I didn't buy many things- only an incredible navy jumper which had my name on it (not literally) and a black maxi skirt, which is a must on my summer list this year.
Gotta love the fact that I'll be able to use the jumper a lot as the weather this week is rainy/ cold, but I have to wait to use a maxi skirt for the first time in years (I actually had one which I used only once a few years ago).
Hope you have a great day and don't forget to smile everyday, and laugh a lot!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New make up make up!

Hi there beautiful people! I haven't uploaded a post in ages and I am so sorry for that, but I have lots of things to do and I'm not able to post every week/day as many incredible bloggers.
This post will be about my make up, as I want to announce the fact that I have started uaing foundation and bronzer! Yes, I know that's the 'must' of nowadays make up, but until now I've only used pencil eyeliner (I don't know its actual name), lipgloss and mascara.
Last weekend I went on a family trip and visited for the first time Mercadona, a Spanish supermarket which sells incredible creams and make up stuff. So I went there and bought some things:
Firstly, some foundation to try to hide my acne scars and bad skin.
Also, I got a bronzer, which goes perfectly with my skin colour.
Apart from this, I also got an amazing cream for my face, to clear it from black spots and acne.
Last but not least, I bought a little cute brush for the bronzer, and also a shiny transparent nail polish to take care of my nails.
Hope you all have an amazing week! Here I'll leave you some pictures of my new make up stuff.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Coachella time!

Hello beautiful people! So as most of you know, Coachella takes place in the USA, and many celebrities, fashion bloggers, etc are there enjoying the warm sun and pool parties.
As I wish I was there, I thought of some outfits which I would worn, and I will leave you with them.
Hope you have an amazing day!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Simple outfit for today

Hello lovelies! It is finally April (well, for five days now), and in less than two weeks I am finally sixteen, which I think it is a pretty good age, as you get closer to ebing an adult (which I dislike) but that means you are free to do more things, such as staying out late (not too late, but well).
So today, the fifth of April, I thought of wearing a simple outfit, as I am being really lazy these days to think of a "boom outift", as I am going on a school trip on Monday and I need to prepare everything and that stresses me out. It is the only excuse I can find as a reason why my latest oufits are not complicated at all.
Today I thought of wearing the Topshop Lacey jeans (sadly sold out), a similar top to the below one (but as it is black and with a USA flag, I think both of them are quite similar), a must-have denim jacket (I repeat, a MUST HAVE for this Spring- Summer), my favourite shoes ever (high white converse, if anyone was wondering) and my Stradivarious black bag (similar to the Rebecca Minkoff one you can see below), along with a pair of rings which are essentials for my Saturday Outfits.
Hope you have a wonderful day, much love from me! (Don´t forget to comment anything you want below the post!)
Ootd :)