Sunday, 28 February 2016


Hi from the girl who has spent her past four days at home with the good company of the flu! Staying at home- specifically in bed all day- has drawn me to the idea of doing an interiors´ post, as I do find it as interesting and fun as clothes or makeup. 

This being said, Tumblr and Pinterest have some really cool pictures of both luxurious, big houses that only Kylie Jenner can buy at the age of 18 and these really small, cozy flats that may be seen as rough or unattractive for some of you, but people like me absolutely love. I mean, who would want to clean a whole mansion when you can spend four hour as most cleaning your little studio? (Yep, I´m the laziest bum you have ever met).

As I always say, I´m more interested in the simple, white, grey and black things, instead of these too much furnitured and colourful flats some people are into. As someone who will be going to uni next year and is getting more mature in the personal independence topic, I love to look at inpiration for my oh-so-dreamed flat.

When it comes to talk about my ideal living place, I´m always thinking of some white or greyish walls, with not so much furniture- but the one that´s in there, has to also have neutral colours. Being able to express what you need or feel when you get home (calm, peace, some positive vibes) through colours is someting I want to achieve with my future living place. I want to arrive home, open my door, and be welcomed by these calming walls, lots of space to surround myself with and not so many furniture pieces that will make me feel stressed (yes, this sometimes happens to me).

I think some of my favourite pictures from Pinterest and Tumblr will make you visualise what I mean, haha.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Hi there! My schedule has been really busy the whole month of January, which has made me disappear from the surface of the Earth- the fact of having lots of exams has made me stay at home for two weekends straight with no social communication with anyone.

Buuuuut every day I have done some Polyvore sets with my favourite pieces of the month, which have been the leather jacket with fur collar, Puma sneakers (sadly sold out), the baby blue bags, the Yeezy sneakers and tan coloured mini skirts, alongside some other complements: aviator glasses, chockers, Fendi´s Karlito keyring and the amazing Sephora mascara I have been using for the past seven months.

I have made a few sets to show you how I would style them (even though -sadly- I don´t own most of these things haha) and this way you get new ideas too!

Last but not least, hopefully this week I will try to get some photos taken with my new camera, and hopefully I won´t break it in the process. Much love! Kat xx