Monday, 16 February 2015

Dreamt loft- in MANHATTAN!

Good morning world, how are you doing? Lately I have been full of exams and I haven´t had much time for the blog, but I have kept making polyvore sets to still keep in contact with the fashion (and interiors) world :)
And I must say, thanks to Polyvore, I get the chance to experiment with  my own taste and creativity, and not only with clothes: these days there has been a really cool Polyvore contest for interiors, and I decided to make three sets (and in the future I may do a few more) of my "ideal" loft in Manhattan.
Who wouldn´t want to have a nice apartment there? (I´d kill for that, seriously).
As said before, I have experimented my some of my favourite picks, and even dreamt of having a place like that for me. So yeah, I take things like this kind of seriously...
Now, tell me, how would you style your loft, if you had as much money as needed to buy your favourite pieces of furniture?

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