Sunday, 2 November 2014

Welcome home cold weather!

Hello there! I hope you are doing well!
So last week I went shopping for the first time in ages and I am really happy with what I got! Let's say I only went to Zara and H&M but I am satisfied with my new purchases!
First of all I have to scream the fact that I finally have grey jeans! (Yes, I did not have them until now and I have waited for so long to buy them). Also, I got this amazing jumper from H&M- which stole my heart the second I saw it. (I know it sounds really cliché but).
And you may have realised my hair is a bit different.. And will be like this for a very long time!
And I cannot forget the fact that I have an amazing new mini bag from Zara! I really like it- croc patterned bags have stolen my heart and they are quite trendy at the moment!
Hopefully I will post more outfits these days, as the cold weather has (FINALLY) arrived! Love from Kat xx

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