Sunday, 7 September 2014

NYFW 2015: Alexander Wang RTW

Gooday guys! So as many of you may already know, New York Fashion Week has already started, and guess who had one of the best Ready To Wear collections? Yes that´s right- the one and only Alexander Wang.
After watching his show, some of his pieces and details have caught my eye- making me fall in love with his stuff all over again. He never fails to impress anyone really!
Untitled #4051

Untitled #4051 by katgorostiza on Polyvore

The first outfits of his collection were marked with a detail which is quite similar to a barcode- not matter the size, big or small. These outfits have been marked with it making it look like a belt, or nearly hidden in the collar of the jumpers of his collection.
Neon colours are quite popular and trendy nowadays, and Wang did not hesitate on giving them a chance in accessories, shoes, or the clothes themselves. He has created quite a few looks with neon colours which give live to his outfits and changing a bit from monochrome.
Grey has been quite popular too during the show, wether it was on a dress or top.
High collars have had an important appearance in this collection, as I have seen nearly all the outfits with a high collar, not matter if it was a dress, a shirt, or a jumper.
Cigarette trousers have made (once again) their way to the spotlight, making every outfit look chic and classy.
And as accessories, mini bags have been quite successful, giving a charming look to all the outfits. They have been quite popular the past year, but it looks like now they will get more attention, after seeing how good they look. 
What do you think about Alexander Wang´s new collection? Ready to buy it? Let me know what you think! Kat x

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