Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Denim outerwear

There are plenty of trends that never stop being fashionable- not even if 100 years pass by. This can include denim jackets, loafers, oxfords, midi skirts, and a smile. 
Each of these fashion pieces can be styled in one hundred different ways, so I thought of making a collection with one of the- yes, that´s right, the infamous denim jacket. Making every outfit stylish since around the 70´s, denim jackets have gained a lot of popularity and continue being one of the biggest trends around the world in 2014 (and will continue being, surely). 
There are plenty of diferent types of these jackets- distressed, cropped, knee-length, with different shades of blue... So I thought of showing you how I would style different denim jackets during the whole year´s seasons. 
As this clothing is a must on everyone´s wardrobe, I thought it would be helpful to show you my ideas.
Let me know what you think :) x

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