Monday, 29 December 2014

2014´s last wishes.

As I have not bought much these months, I wanted to end the year withshowing you  some stuff I am interested in. 
Right now, I am really into Acne, Topshop, Asos, Zara and All Saints: they all have amazing (and good quality) clothes, shoes and accessories that I am in love with!
For instance, I find most of Acne´s outerwear lovely: they are cozy and fashionable at the same time, who could ask more? Besides, their boots are on point, as always, keeping them simple but stylish.
Talking about Topshop, I would buy nearly 99% of the shop´s stuff. It is always fashionable and original, which makes me like it as much as I do. Also, I have to add that it is not as expensive as Acne, so hey, that´s a good point!
Zara has always had my heart, as well as my mum´s. We are both zaraholics- if that makes any sense? Whenever we go shopping this shop is the first one we go into, and we never get out from there without one of their bags.
Asos is very well-known for their good quality, and their amazing stuff. They are always on point and get on my wishlist without trying to! Check it if you haven´t yet, you will not regret it- there is always something that catches your eye.
All Saints, as expensive as it is, is not really famous in my wardrobe, but yes in my head and polyvore sets. It´s a shame it is not really affordable, but do not get me wrong: it is all about their amazing quality. And their sales are fantastic!

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Happy holidays guys! I am sorry for not posting these days (I have been really busy, as always) but I come with some new boots that took my heart a few months ago and are so grunge and incredibly amazing: the JEFFREY CAMPBELL MULDER BOOTS.
They remind me of the 90´s, when my parents were younger and stuff... such a shame I can´t remember that time!
As I´ll try to get some boots similar to these, I made some sets so you can see how I would style them if I had them now!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Friday, 12 December 2014

Acne Studios dark boots

Lately Acne Studios has been one of my favourite brands to play with in my Polyvore sets- yes, it is really expensive, but hey, it also is quite original and always on point. So, who is the real winner here?
I have been obsessed with their dark boots- both black and dark blue. They can be all leather, suede, mixed or patent! These are great to create millions of different everyday looks. They are obviously easy to pull off with anything- no matter if it´s summer or winter.
Dark ankle boots are considered to be really sofisticated and a "must have" these past years, and it does not seem to be one of those trends which dissapear easily. Also, the fact of being dark-coloured makes them easier to style in my opinion, as I am more of a girl who nearly everyday is dressed in black, as I love dark colours. Ad Acne has amazing and really cool boots that made me want to buy them all!
Have a look on my ideas and tell me what you think! Kat x

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas wishlist 2014

Hello world- how are you doing? I am really excited as Christmas is (finally) coming and you know what does that mean? FOOD. LOTS OF FOOD. And family meals too, which means more food. Food everywhere, that´s what Christmas is about. (Well, not exactly).
This year´s Christmas wishlist is full of shoes and accessories as I have been really attracted to many pieces of this year, such as oxford shoes or sneakers such as Vans or Superga. Zara and YSL boots are so on point too, and thanks god one of them is pretty affordable!
Stella MCCartney, Céline and Saint Laurent have made me fall 1000 times more in love with them, but not with their prices! Their bags are just 10/10 or even more if it is possible, but totally not affordable for people like me, so they will remain in my dreams until I get enough money to buy anything from them.
I am also looking forward to owning a pair of black Ray Bans that I will hopefully get soon... hopefully. 
What´s on yo9ur wishlist list? Comment below! 
Christmas wishlist 2014

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Red lips rockin' it

Hello guys! I have been thinking about changing this blog not only a fashion blog but alsoa make-up blog, since I am quite interested in it too.
And to start with this change, this post is about (as the title says) red lips.
I have always associated girls who wore red lipstick with antipatic girls. Whenever you see a girl with red lips you instanly think 'she's dangerous, be careful with her'. And I have turned this feel of fear into admiration.
Red lips scare people. It makes you look really chic, and as we have an example in France, you can wear no make-up at all but red lipstick; and yet you will feel the lioness of the place.
Red lips make you feel confident, cool, rad, someone with high self- esteem (which should include ALL of you), etc. You can rock red lips with any outfit, and that is an important con!
Yesterday I (FINALLY) bought my first red lipstick ever, after wanting it so badly for ages, and I am deeply in love with the PURE RED by Julianne for L'Oreal Paris. The colour is not too strong or too pale, and it is difficult to take it off from your lips in struggling situations- let's say eating. How many girls are scared of stepping out of the restaurant with no-lipstick on? Well, this is not possible wih this lipstick!
Let me just add the fact that the lipatick itself is really really cute!
Give it a try and let me what you think!
P.s I bought mine in If.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Winter outfits

Hi guys, as you may know, winter is around the corner, and so does cold weather.And what does that mean? 
Sweaters. Scarves. Boots. Beanies. Cozy coats. Hell yes.
I cannot wait to see these outfits on the streets this season, ahhhhhh!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ways to style YSL bags

Hi guys! I am so sorry fo rmy lack of posts but I´m on my exam weeks right now and I am trying my best not to fail any exam (which is not easy at all!). 
I have been quite obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent in the past year- their stuff is amazing and always on point, and their bags? Oh man, their bags are the eighth wonder of the world!
I am really into four of them: the Duffle bag, the Sac Dejour bag, the Moujik bag and their clutches. But I am really in love with the first two, because of the simple reason of being very versatile and chic, apart from being useful for my everyday life. (I hope someday I will get one of those).
Here I leave you with some inspiration for these lovely bags. See ya! X Kat