Sunday, 31 August 2014

Balenciaga got me like...

Hi guys, lately I have been really obsessed with ankle boots that Balenciaga is offering. Of course they are black, but they are actually really versatille and make every outfit look chic and casual at the same time. There are two pairs which I have been head over heels for, and it is a shame they are really pricey and will continue like that until the last of their days. (But thanks God there are similar ones that are way much cheaper)
They can be worn during either summer or winter, with practically 99% of the outfits.
 One of the pairs is cut-out boot as it is quite trendy nowadays, and with buckles to show that you are going hard.
The other one, on the other hand, is more similar to a usual lace up boot but with a Balenciaga detail.
Both of them are quite popular among celebrities such as the Jenners, as in the Olsen sisters and many more.
Here I leave you with some of my ideas, do not be afraid of leaving a comment below! Kat

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A bit of Delevingne and Mulberry

Hi everyone! I have great news in this post- some of you may already know but I am actually really happy to see that eventually Cara Delevingne is launching her own Mulberry bags! I have seen a few models of them and they are similar to backpacks but with the classy Mulberry style- I wish I had them all.. but sadly the prices are too high for me.
Nevertheless, that does not mean I have not done some sets with them, so you can use my ideas with similar backpacks!
See you! X Kat

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Everyday friends.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Lately I have been using quite a lot some particular types of bags- and guess what this post is going to be about. That´s right. My favourite bags at the moment.
I normally wear a bag whenever I go (except when I go to the bakery) and it is one of the ways I survive everyday, if that makes any sense. I carry what I need to go through the day (basics usually, such as pencil case, makeup bag, etc) and it instanly makes my outfit one thousand times better.
So the past few weeks I have been obsessed with bags like snapbacks, big totes and bowling bags. They are quite perfect for my everyday life; I can carry a snapback to school without looking like a twelve-year-old girl with her My Little Pony bag, or just with a big tote making my outfit look like Kerr´s. 
As I have quite an obsession with designer bags, they are normally used in my Polyvore sets, but there many cheaper similar that can be found anywhere.
Here I leave you with some ideas :) Love you x

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Around the corner

Hi guys! Summer is ending and that makes all of us sad (I have not had summer this year, so you can imagine how I am feeling down here) but that means some good news: fall is coming! This season is perfect for everyday outfits because it is not too cold to wear a nice jumper with a denim jacket and a scarf, but you can also wear boots in the same outfit, so it feels like mixing two seasons at the same time. Isn´t that cool?
As many bloggers, I have been looking for some fall clothes on the Internet and on shops, and I cannot wait to go next season´s shopping!
Friendly reminder that backpacks and oxfords are really trendy, do not miss them!
Love from Kat xx
Untitled #3654

Untitled #3654 by katgorostiza featuring a satchel purse

P.s. Do not forget to visit for more outfit ideas, I am making sets with every season´s outfis!

Friday, 15 August 2014

White on toes!

Gooday! Lately I have been so obsessed with white sneakers- a must have in everyone´s wardrobes. 
Being trendy since around the 70´s, these pair of shoes are wearable with everything in your everyday life. Not matter if you are wearing boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, mini skirts or shorts, you can pull these off really easily. But be careful with your fashion choices!
As I myself own a pair of white Converse (I used to wear them everyday before coming to Australia), I have to say that you must be careful with them,a s they can get dirty really easily, and sometimes need special treatment (there are some special gels to clean them).
I leave you with some of my idea son how to style them, hope you have a good day! Kat x

Thursday, 14 August 2014

What´s in my bag?

Hi everyone! As one of my latest purchases was my new Sportsgirl bowling bag, I thought of showing you what I do carry everyday to school.
What´s in my bag?

What´s in my bag? by katgorostiza featuring a cosmetic bag

First of all, I always make sure I have my phone with me. I cannot leave without it, so the first thing I have next to my bag is my phone.
Secondly, I take my wallet with me, as it is one of the most important thing of my bag- without it I would not be able to even go to school or anywhere, so I always check if I have it with me.
As I am attending school here in Australia, I always carry my pencil case to school and everywhere- who know when you will need 30 pens at the same time!
Also, as I use glasses everyday (I am half blind), I carry my glasses case everyday in case I need to change my contact lenses to glasses because of the tiredness in my eyes.
I would like to add a small notebook, as I need it for school, but it is never a bad idea to have one next to you, maybe you will need it to writ a good quote on it, as a shopping list, and more. Never underestimate a small notebook.
Last but not least, my makeup bag! I have lately been using it quite a lot, as I wear a bit  makeup everyday, so I always carry my cute small makeup bag in case something happens to my face...
What´s on your bag? Let me know! Love from Kat x

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Inspiration of the week: Miranda Kerr

Gooday everyone! This post will be about Miranda Kerr- an incredibly talented Australian model and an amazing inspiration talking about fashion and life in general. She is the classiest woman on earth and there is no one who can say that statement is wrong-just look at her everyday outfits: you will see high pointed heels, amazing dresses, really classy sunglasses...
So as I get inspired by her, I thought of making a post of her MUST HAVES. In this post you will see where I get my classy-day inspiration from!
Miranda Kerr Insp. by katgorostiza on

1. Blouses and denim shirts: Miranda has been seen since forever wearing designer blouses and denim shirts combined with jeans, skirts, wide trousers... Along with high heels or flat sandals. She wear them 99% of the time she goes out, so they are definitely a must have in her wardrobe.
2.Midi skirts: these kind of bottoms are apparently Kerr´s favourite ones, as the cover your legs until your knee but let you show your calf. She normally styles them with some pointed heels and a patterned blouse.
3.Heeled sandals, boots and flats: During winter, Miranda always wears her high boots or booties which are normally dark coloured, as they make every outfit classy and trendy. During summer, she will style her outfits with flat sandals or heeled ones, making her legs look amazing with either of them. They are the best type of shoes for warm weather- let your feet breathe sometimes!
4. Aviators and oversized sunglasses: Miranda wears sunglasses most of the times she is photographed by paparazzis and fans, as they are the best way of covering your eyes and hidding them from strong lights and flashes.
5. Summer dresses: The model loves light dresses for summer to style them with everything that is trendy this season and she looks great with them- not matter loose or tight. If you know how to rock them, do not hesitate to wear them with a pair of sandals or some booties and a denim or leather jacket!
6.Skinny jeans and wide pants: kKinny ejans are known for flattering all shapes in women´s bodies so no one has the excuse of "not being able to pull them off" because basically that does not exist. Nevertheless, wide pants can make your shape disappear, but they are quite trendy too- not feeling like wearing tight jeans to work? There you have a pair of loose trousers to make you feel really comfy.
7.Oversized bags: last but not least, Kerr is a big fan (if not the biggest) of oversized bags- normally designer´s such as Hèrmes or YSL- which let you carry three quarters of your house in just your arm or hand. They are great if you are one of those who carry whatever means "just-in-case" or just basic things which are useful in your everyday life. If you are not, always remember it can be one of those days when it will be cooler than you thought, you so can bring a jacket or a scarf without the needing of carrying on your hand.
Let me know what you think guys! X

Sunday, 3 August 2014

New cool shop spotted: SPORTSGIRL

Hi everyone, how is your day going so far? Mine is about to end, after a bit of cool bag shopping on the streets of Adelaide. As you can tell, I'm in love with basic and not-so-basic black bags, designer and not designer ones, but mainly black.
As today I was walking through the streets in Adelaide after going on a dolphin-cruise (it was my very first time seeing dolphins and I was really excited), I went to Colette Hayman (yes, they do have cool stuff) and tried to find the Alexander Wang's Rocco similar one in black, but unfortunately it was sold out, so I tried anoyher shop-Sportsgirl- and guess what, I found a lovely bag which I can call mine now. I have been trying to find a bag like this for ages, as I found similar ones in Spain but waited to find the one that got my heart. And I finally found it, being a basic bag which can be used for school (as I do not bring much stuff there) and for practically anything, and it's quite trendy now. As for sure, I bought it in black so I could style it with everything and have no problems with the colours.
So yes, here it is, and I'm really happy to introduce you the newest one in my bag family.
As always, if you feel like seeing how I would style it, feel free to go to and you will see what I have in mind this winter!
Please leave your comments below, and enjoy your holidays! Love from Kat x