Sunday, 1 November 2015

Apartment inspiration 2015

apartment inspo

apartment inspo by katgorostiza featuring wooden wall art

Lately I have been over Pinterest and Tumblr looking through apartment ideas- am I moving to a new house?
No, but as they say, dreaming is free, and I like to dream about my ideal apartment quite a lot. I actually think it´s pretty insane in my case haha.
I have come across lots and lots of minimalist but amazing ideas on how to decorate my dream apartment. I´m quite into the small studio kind of thing, with not so many types of furniture but with neutral colours and pretty Tumblr-ish looking (if that makes any sense?).
For example, the NY, PARIS and other cities´ names on the wall, pretty pictures of different places, a jar full of chocolate biscuits... these are some of the small things I like to look at when I´m bored, instead of an empty wall (when it comes to the biscuits, I like to eat them, let´s be real here haha).
When it comes to the furniture itself, as I have previously said, I prefer neutral colours- such as beige, grey, etc- as these make me feel calm and with a positive aura.
What would your house look like if you could decorate it as you wanted? Let me know! Kat xx

Framed canvas wall art
€260 -

Cyan Design vase
€62 -

Wooden wall art
€54 -

1Wall black and white picture
€56 -

Rosanna black home decor
€19 -

Quote wall art
€17 -

Lord Lou mini couch
€405 -

€200 -

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