Monday, 30 November 2015

BLACK FRIDAY (and hi again!)

Hi guys! Yep, I have been a whole month without posting anything- but I have an excuse; the exam weeks have been really stressful this month and I have had to study a lot. Because of this I haven´t been able to do much online.
Buuuuuuuuut last friday was BLACK FRIDAY, the dark and stressful last weekday in which everyone rushes to the shops to buy as much as they can, spending less than half of what they would in any other day.
And I got some cute stuff with my mum, which I thought of sharing with you!
First of all, I want to thank not only God but my favourite shops because of the replications these do, inspired in the contemporary fashion designers (which are pretty expensive to be honest).
Here I leave you with some ideas featuring what I bought last Friday (not all of the cheapest things are exact to mine, but mostly). Have a nice week! Kat xx      


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Apartment inspiration 2015

apartment inspo

apartment inspo by katgorostiza featuring wooden wall art

Lately I have been over Pinterest and Tumblr looking through apartment ideas- am I moving to a new house?
No, but as they say, dreaming is free, and I like to dream about my ideal apartment quite a lot. I actually think it´s pretty insane in my case haha.
I have come across lots and lots of minimalist but amazing ideas on how to decorate my dream apartment. I´m quite into the small studio kind of thing, with not so many types of furniture but with neutral colours and pretty Tumblr-ish looking (if that makes any sense?).
For example, the NY, PARIS and other cities´ names on the wall, pretty pictures of different places, a jar full of chocolate biscuits... these are some of the small things I like to look at when I´m bored, instead of an empty wall (when it comes to the biscuits, I like to eat them, let´s be real here haha).
When it comes to the furniture itself, as I have previously said, I prefer neutral colours- such as beige, grey, etc- as these make me feel calm and with a positive aura.
What would your house look like if you could decorate it as you wanted? Let me know! Kat xx

Framed canvas wall art
€260 -

Cyan Design vase
€62 -

Wooden wall art
€54 -

1Wall black and white picture
€56 -

Rosanna black home decor
€19 -

Quote wall art
€17 -

Lord Lou mini couch
€405 -

€200 -