Thursday, 27 March 2014

Obsesions- March

Hi guys, a lot of time has passed since I last posted! Sorry, but I have been busy with school and stuff, but here I am again!
Today I come with my last obsesions- sweaters and sneakers. I know it is not a new tren to wear short sleeved sweaters and sneakers such as slip ons, with platform or just the typical ones, but lately I have been making Polyvore sets with them- I think I fell in love with such comfortable pieces of clothing.
I am sure mnay of you have had days when you do not want to wear a long sleevd sweater because you know you will be hot but you do not want to go only on a shor sleeved T-Shirt because you will be cold- well, the solution to this problem is... the Oscar de la Renta´s sweater! It keeps you casual and comfy, what more could you ask for?
And what about your feet? It is not like everyone likes wearing stiletto heels everyday, and less if you do not want to get up the next day with a terrible footache. Also, the slip ons- trend is amazing in my opinion, it is one of the most comfortable ways to wear shoes on your feet. But apart from slip ons, you can wear different sneakers with you this Spring!
I leave you with some of my ideas! X

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Shopping for SS 2014

Hello guys! As the title says, this post is about the shopping I did yesterday (7th March) with my family, and I am going to post what I bought, which consists of a few but cute things.
Actually, I did a kind of "strange" shopping yesterday, as I went to El Corte Inglés (like a Spanish Harrods, if that makes any sense) and not to Zara, Mango, Stradivarious, H&M, etc (as I always do). 
Well, I must say I loved the shopping trip, and I love El Corte Inglés, so you can tell I am really happy.
The problem is, I haven´t got a phone, so I cannot upload the pictures, but I can tell you what I bought: some cutout boots similar to the Balenciaga/Jeffrey Campbell ones, an oversized dark denim jacket with borg collar, some earphones (which are really cute as they have some birds painted) and Midnight Memories (maybe the best purchase I have ever done).
If you want to see pictured of my purchases, go and follow me on Instagram (kattaling98) and Tumblr (kattalincloset).
Have fun today! X

Monday, 3 March 2014

These trainers...

The most important thing your outfit should be is comfortable. It is okay to look good and make everyone else jelaous of you outfit, but, what many people don´t do is choose an outfit which is increidble and comfortable at the same time, and that is not how it works!
Your feet hurt after walking to the shop to get that top which is on sale and there is only one piece left, right? So what I thought was: how can I go classy, chic or casual, but also comfortable at the same time? Well, here is the solution- these Nike trainers! I chose the black ones because I am just more of black than anything else in the entire world, and they are easier than any other colour to combine. 
Here are some of my ideas to wear this trainers:
See you soon! Xx

The perfect bag

Lately I have been trying to find a different bag which could be easy to carry, and not too much seen among us, so I found the perfect one which fits this description- the PIERRE BALMAIN Across-body bag. Also, I did some sets to give ideas, I hope they are helpful. Here is an example:

New trending shoes!

Hello! Today I thought about writing a post about these new shoes (which drive me crazy)- called slip ons. What is special about this shoes?
Okay, first of all, they are really easy to put on. You just have to slip your feet in them- that´s where their name comes from.
As I have seen the past few months, these shoes are becoming really popular among us, bloggers, etc. A great thing I find about them is that there are many different types of slip ons; covered in velvet, calfhair, snake skin, and more, just to name some.
Also, they are wearable with everything (depending on the colour you choose), but mostly they can be worn in a casual style, chic style...
They are a MUST in your wardrove this SS 14 season, so whatg are you waiting for?
Here are some of my favourite slip ons (most of them are designer shoes, obviously):
Slip ons

Hope you have a good day, much love! Xx

Saturday, 1 March 2014

80´s and 90´s fashion becoming popular again!

Hi there! For the past months I have been looking at some celebrities´ outfits and designers´ new products, and all I can see is that some of the most fashionable things nowadays are inspired in the 80´s and 90´s, such as high neck cropped shirts, high-waisted jeans, boyfriend jeans, fur coats, some hairstyles...
So what I thought was the idea of doing some Polyvore sets inspired on the 80´s and 90´s, just because of the fact that I love what was fashionable at those times. I am really inspired on that kind of fashion, and now that is becoming more and more popular among us, I´m getting really excited to buy some clothes like that.
Here is one of my favourite outfits I´ve made on Polyvore:
Untitled #1908

If you feel like, you can visit my polyvore profile here , and let me know what you think of my sets. :) Much love from me! Xx