Thursday, 27 August 2015

Visiting the Balenciaga Museum

Isn´t it great the feeling when you go and visit one of the most amazing museums of your country, without having to spend half of your day in the car? I got to feel that happiness last week, when I got the chance to go to the Balenciaga Museum with my mum.

I do love going to museums, but even more when I get to see fashion in them. That´s why I went to Getaria (Basque Country) to visit the Balenciaga Museum, as Cristóbal Balenciaga was an admirable designer in my opinion, and it is a sad reality to know that he is no longer walking the surface of this world while designing some of the coolest and simplest clothing items ever existed.

The museum itself is quite attractive from the outside, as even though it isn´t next to the shore (let´s have in mind that Getaria has actually got a shore and is next to the sea), it has some charming surroundings that makes the place where it is located really welcoming.

When it comes to the inside of the building, there are different floors with divided rooms- when I say divided rooms, I mean totally divided rooms, with some long hallways and staircases that are between them. So when you start seeing Balenciaga´s works, don´t expect to get from one place to another as quick as you do in other museums- get ready to walk for quite a bit (or you can also use the lift) to get to where you want to go next! This is something I really liked, as it makes the museum look more minimalist and roomy. Inside the big room areas you can find either some of his belongings and biography stuff, or some of his most famous works - these ones sometimes cannot be seen well, as in those rooms the light is very por (as his works are situated in a completely different place), so to be able to fully see the clothing items you have the opportunity to see what they actually look like in a little screen that is located next to the works, which describes the way each clothing item has been done.

Oh! I shouldn´t forget about the little shop that is right in the middle of the museum, which actually looks like a second reception place with lots of fashion books (I bought one, "Beaton in Vogue", I will tell you what I think about it!), perfumes and more! Also there is a cafe in the back of the museum, which was sadly closed when I went there for a drink with my mum haha.

All in all, the whole museum is great, and it has been an incredible experience for me to be able to go there and see the way Balenciaga worked, and fashion overall, since the early 30´s until today. I reckon this museum is worth a shot, even if you aren´t really into fashion- well, in that case, you might think half of it quite boring, but there is some cool stuff that I thought was pretty interesting.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Stella McCartney, also known as one of the most amazing designer brands out there on the twenty first century, has launched a pair of really eye-appealing wedge shoes- the elyse shoes- that have caught the eye of many fashion bloggers.
These leather shoes, which consist of a wooden-looking wedge and a white sole, are very versatile and easy to wear during any season of the year. The way the look with green and navy blue clothing is the key in my opinion, as it is an impossible-to-fail way to dress.
What´s your opinion on these shoes? Would you get them? Comment below! Kat x

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Nightmare outfits

Hi there! Are you enjoying this summer as much as you can? I´m actually trying to- but it seems imposible as I have been sick for over a week and a half now and cannot go out and enjoy myself as much... I think someone out there is playing a really bad trick on me or something.
The things is, in what it seems like a month, I will start with my classes again (as this will be my last school year before uni) and I need to start buying new clothes to slay in my new school.
According to what I have seen in the street style pictures that are all over Tumblr, I have chosen some of my favourite trendy things that will be seen this fall, and I have put some of my ideas out there in case I´m stuck in the mornings not knowing what to wear. Yes, this first world problem seems to be pretty popular among teenagers nowadays, and it looks like I am one of them.

I must say that my favourite piece out of all of these is, without a doubt, the suede mini skirt- I am going to buy one as soon as posible, and I am already waiting for the "perfect one" to arrive to my favourite shops (Zara and H&M).
I have also realized that my love for grey clothing is growing fast, in a way of changing a bit of my all-black-everyday outfits- which seem to bother some people around me?! As an old proverb says, "Those who cannot handle an all black outfit are WEAK". Or something like that.

Don´t forget to go outside and enjoy the sun and hot temperatures as much as you can guys! Kat xx

Friday, 7 August 2015

August playlist

Hello there!
Recently I have been listening to some really cool songs that actually inspire me with my outfits- yes, you can get inspiration from many sources, and one of them is music. It might sound a bit weird, but haven´t you ever felt like wanting to dress as if you were going to see your enemy on the street? And that with only listening to BBHMM (B*tch Better have My Money- Rihanna) or Flawless by Beyonce, to name some of the most famous ones.
My music taste variates so much I cannot tell what kind of music I am more into. So, if you search on my phone playlist, you may have difficulties telling which genre I am into in my everyday life.

Some of my most listened songs right now belong to One Direction, Five Seconds of Summer, Nicki Minaj, Pia Mia, Green Day, Chris Brown, and waaaay many more.
Here I will leave you some songs of my most recent playlist, tell me what are your favourite songs so I can listen to them!
Pia Mia- Mr President                             Pia Mia, Chris Brown & Tyga- Do It Again        
Chris Brown- Five More Hours                Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack- Hey Mama
Nicki Minaj & Cassie- The Boys                    5SOS- She´s Kinda Hot     
One Direction- Drag Me Down                        Taylor swift- Bad Blood       
 Blink 182- Stay Together For The Kids            Green Day- Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Nine West review

Bonjour guys! Today I wanted to make a full post about one of the purchases I made during my stay in Houston, Texas, last month. While I was there I got the chance to do a little shopping in one of the most amazing outlet malls I have ever been to- with some really cool brands such as Nine West, Converse, Coach, American Eagle.. and many more.
Since I had wanted a pair of espradilles that look like the infamous Chanel ones for a really long time, I couldn´t believe what my eyes saw the moment I got into the Nine West store. Right away I asked to get a pair of my size, but unluckily I had to ask for a bigger size TWO or THREE times. Yes, this pair comes pretty small, so if you are thinking of getting them please size up at least two sizes!
Even though I got kinda embarrased of asking for a bigger size twice, I didn´t mind at all- I was finally getting a pair of nice espradilles for half their actual price... Could I ask for more?
Anyways, even after using these shoes four times or so, my feet still feel funny when I wear them, but hopefull this will change with time. Apart from that negative side, this pair is really versatile and can be worn easily with different outfits featuring neutral colours, which makes it easier for me to style them.
All in all, my review on these is 8/10, as the soles of my feet hurt terribly after wearing them the whole day. Hope you have a good day! Kat x