Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year outfit!

Hiiiii guys! How are you?
So I have been waiting for so long to arrive the day of tomorrow, because with that day, this year ends and a new one begins! That´s exciting, isn´t it? And more if you spend that special moment with all your family, eating a lot and having fun with your little cousins... that sounds cool!
But, the outfit is really important, too, because  I don´t think anyone will be dressed as they dress to go to the gym, huh? Well, here is my outfit for tomorrow!
I can´t wait to wear it! Hope you have a wonderful New Year, and also a wonderful end of the year! Much love from me! 
Kat, xx

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

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Christmas presents! :)

Hii guys! Have you had lost of presents last night? I hope you did! Today, I am going to post my presents, which are (of course) clothes and accessories!
First of all, I'd like to start with my H&M jacket (which is similar to the Kooples one Eleanor Calder owns!), and I am in love with it! It's so cozy and perfect for winter, or even autumn or spring, so I think I'll use it a lot.
Also, I got the Zara tartan skirt, which even taking the smallest size of the shop, is really big! So, if any of you is going to buy it, firstly you should try it on, to see if it fits you!
Apart from this, I also got some Chelsea boots from Stradivarius. They're so comfortable and also go with everything, even if you want to go in a fully winter outfit, or in a totally summer one! They're fabulous and have little details which make them more attractive, and I cannot wait to wear them today!
And I can't forget about the Zara playsuit! When I saw Danielle Bernstein wearing it, I was overwhelmed about it, and I wanted it so badly.
I also got a funny simple T-Shirt for only 4€, and a Massimo Dutti snood (thanks grandma) which is so cozy and perfect.
And I also stole some rings frm my other grandmother, so I think that's also kind of a present! :)
Hope you have a lovely day!
Here are some pictures of my presents (sorry for the bad quality):

Monday, 23 December 2013

Fashion Outlets

Hi guys, have you heard about Fashion Outlets? They are some fabulous sites or shops where clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and more are cheaper than they are in normal shops or their sites. And, of course, there are outlets of very famous brands such as Mulberry, Burberry, Kurt Geiger, and more!
Four months ago I bought my Oversized Mulberry Alexa Bag with a 58% of discount in one of the Mulberry Outlet sites, and I got surpised at the fact that not many people know about this incredible sites (or shops). It is like go thrift shopping, more or less. It´s a great way to buy designer clothes, shoes, bags, etc without spending such a huge amount of money on them, and they are the same quality, so I admire the fact that people do this kind of things.
After saying this, I do not want to make you think that even if you find designer things in an outlet, that does not mean they are not expensive! I mean, they are much cheaper than in other shops, but you will have to save much money up to buy a designer thing.
With this, I just wanted to show you a way to buy a designer thing without spending much money on it, and I hope this helped you a little bit.
Hope you have a wonderful day! Much love xx

Outfit of the day (at home)

Hello there!
Today I am wearing a very simple but effective outfit, which consists of an oversized Thomas Burberry jumper and a pair of simple Acid Wash Zara Treggings.
The jumper was a little present from my grandmother, because she didn't use it much (only once or twice, and that was a few years ago), and I must say it is very lovely and comfortable. Also, is a little plus the fact that is oversized, because I love oversized jumpers. They are definitely my favourite ones!
The Zara Treggings are one of the most comfortable treggings I've ever worn, but they are not my size (I've got them really big, so they don't fit me properly), and it makes them look really loose around my waist and ankles. But, apart from that, I love this outfit. Here are some photos!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Fashion Inspiration(s)

Hello there! I am sure most of you have at least one fashion role-model or inspiration, right? Have you ever been critiqued because of trying to get her/his look? I have got an opinion about this, and I´d like to share it with you.
I personally think that the fact of having a fashion inspiration is not something bad; actually, I think it´s something great, because that person is someone you look up to and has got a lovely style for you (that´s why is your fashion inspiration, most of the times). But, just because of that, it does not mean you have to change your personal style to the way he or she dresses. Not at all. Well, maybe you can dress in a way which is inspired in that person, but I think it shouldn´t change the way your dress into something totally different.
Also, the fact that some people look up to their inspirations so much that they dress really similarly or even the same way as them... I don´t like it at all. I mean, a fashion inspiration is someone who has her or his personal style (normally) which really suits her or him, but I am sure your fashion inspirations do not copy other people´s style, right? And if you do that, there are possibilities that you will get critics because of copying someone. The key in fashion is being original, even though you can have many inspirations, and get some of the clothes they wear, or the way they style some particular shoes, for instance.
But never, ever, lose your personal style because of your fashion inspiration. And with this, I am going to sleep. Good night! Xx

Polyvore sets

Hi guys :)
I would like to tell you that I own a Polyvore account, where I (obviously) make sets, so if you would like to, you could have a look :) Here it is:
So please, if you did it, I would be so happy, and also it would be lovely to know if you like them or not!
Much love, Kat. X