Sunday, 26 January 2014

New outfit

Hello guys! This morning I remembered yesterday I dind´t post my outfit of the day/night because I totally forgot it, so here you have the only picture I took:
Today’s outfit’s favourites: Zara’s checked mini skirt and Hunters. (Along with H&M jacket and jumper and my black messenger bag from Stradivarious, which aren’t shown). :)
My favourite pieces of this outfit were, as you can see in the picture, my Zara checked mini ksirt and my Hunters. I used these boots because yesterday was one of those rainy days when you can´t go with any other shoes than Hunters. 
My outfit consisted, along with the mini skirt and Hunters,on a black cropped jumper and a jacket, both from H&M, and my black Stradivarious messenger bag. I had more than one hairstyle, so I can´t tell you how I looked...
Hope you have an amazing day! X

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lizzie Velasquez- an amazing story

Hello there! I know my blog is a fashion blog and I should post fashion posts and pictures and stuff like that, but this is something I would lik to share with you, guys.
This is a girl who tell her story of how hard her life has been since the day she was born, and how she managed to stay alive nd become what she is now. She is a truly inspirational woman, and I think all of you should watch it. Also, I hope you understand that there are more people like Lizzie who have really big and serious problems, and you should be thankful for what you have, and not feel bad for what you haven´t got (yet). 
Lastly, I hope this video opens the eyes of many of you. Much love xx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

New season´s clothes and window shopping

Hello! Since yesterday I went window shopping with my friends, I thought I´d comment the new arrivals I saw visiting some shops.
To start, I have to say I went to a few shops, but I visited some of them more than once- H&M, Stradivarious, Zara, Shana and Bershka.
In H&M, I must say I saw some beautiful new jumpers, which were the thing I liked the most. But that doesn´t meand they didn´t have cool stuff apart from jumpers- there were a lot of things I loved. You can shop or have a look at them here:
I´d been to Shana, too, which is not as popular as other shops but is really cheap and with really cool stuff, and most of their clothes are "hipster". And, just in case you don´t know, even though I´ve already said, it´s really cheap! Buy their clothes here:
In Stradivarious, I saw many things which I´d like to own during this summer; for instance, jumpers, cool T-Shirts, shorts and bags. If you want to have  a look, go here:
In Zara, I always find what I´ve been looking for without knowing it myself. With this, what I mean is that Zara always has what you want, even if you need it or not. This shop is a MUST. Whenever I go I find coats, jackets, jeans, jumpers, boots, and blouses which I want so badly, and if you want to see if you find something interesting there, go shop online:
While I was at Bershka, I found some jackets and T-Shirts which were on sale or at a very low price for what they are, and fell in love with most of their new stuff. Everything is amazing there! Want to see if you like anything? Go here:
I cannot wait to go shopping and not window shopping like I did yesterday- it actually is one of the most painful things in the world, really.
This is all by now guys, see you soon! Much love from Kat xx

Thursday, 16 January 2014

New season, new wardrobe

Hello guys! As you know, winter´s end is near and there will not be more scarfs-gloves-cozy jumpers looks for almost a year... but hey, when something ends, another thing starts! And with this I mean that saying "goodbye winter" means a "hello spring"! And you know what does that mean?
... Exactly! New wardrobe! So go and buy fresh stuff from your favourite shops and rock them! But also spend your money on sales, they won´t be there all the year and hopefully you will get something you´ll need or will be useful during this winter-spring change!
I will post some fresh outfits on Polyvore, so I´d love you to have a look! :)
You can go here:
I hope you have a nice day and rock your last winter outfits! But let´s not forget that the accessory of a girl is her smile, and same with the boys :) 
P.s. Leave your comment below! X

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Who said what?!

Hello guys! Today I´d like to talk about something that I´ve been thinking of a while now.
Well, I´ve heard many critics about wearing a dress, sometimes a summer dress during winter, like for example: "How can you wear that dress if it´s winter? Are you mad?!" and stuff like that.
Let me tell you that wearing a dress, not matter the dress´ length and things like that, it can be perfectly wearable during winter. How? Well, I have some ideas of how to style a summer/ everyday dress during winter. Do you want to see? Go to my Polyvore account and see if you like my ideas, or anything like that.
But, even though I´ve said that, you should know there are some dresses which are better be worn during summer, just because of the fact their material/s is/are too thin to be worn during winter, or because of the colours sometimes. Be careful with your choice!
By the way, her eis my Polyvore acocunt:
Leave any comments below please. Love you xx

Monday, 13 January 2014

New jumpers!

Hi guys! Are you having a good day? Mine was fantastic! I have started doing Yoga, even though today was the first time I did actually, and have had a great time with everyone.
ALso, I am happy because yesterday I ordered two new jumpers which I have wanted for a really long time, and hopefully they will arrive before February! Here you can see which ones I am talking about:
That´s it- my new favourite Topshop jumper! This pale pink coloured one has stolen my heart and I´ve wanted it for so long!
And also this classic Teenage Runaway jumper from London Loves LA, which has been worn by Harry Styles- the moment I saw it I felt in love with it, and being the way I am, I started thinking of different ways to wear this simple jumper, even though I´ve never thought I would be able to buy it, because everyone knows not everything is forever in stock.. But I´m glad I finally bought it!
Leave your comments below please! Have a fun day :) xx

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pink Clean Rib Jumper as its best!

Hi guys! First of all, I would like to start apologyzing for being a lot of time without posting anything, and I know I can´t do that, so I will try my best to don´t do that again!
Well, as many of you know, Topshop´s jumpers are amazing, and everyone (well, most of us, at least) love them. Lately, I have been looking for jumpers, and thanks to Siena (fiftyshadesofsiena on Tumblr) I´ve seena lovely pink jumper from Topshop, which can be used as much as you want during winter, with some gloves, a thick coat and a lovely beanie, or during summer, around the waist or to be used at night, when the temperature decreases a little. Here I will leave some of the outfits I´ve posted on Polyvore for you to see different ways to style this lovely jumper. Let your comment below please, I would like to know your opinion! Much love xx