Sunday, 27 March 2016


Firrrrst of all: HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! I hope all of you have had a piece of those chocolate eggs that I never get to buy but are so popular everywhere!

Saying that Easter has arrived makes me think two things: 1) YES!! CHOCOLATE FOR EVERYONE! and 2) YES!! SPRING AND MORE SUN FOR ME!! This last one may have more importance than the first -mainly because I eat a piece of chocolate everyday, so there is not much difference on my diet lol-, and that´s because I am soooo ready for the sun-kissed skintone. Also, warmer temperatures are coming along with new refreshing outfits, so yeah, that brings more happiness into my fashion world (if that makes any sense?).

This post is all about different types of in-jeans and ways to style said clothing, as it may be difficult to style these pants with new clothing pieces from the stores. As being a stylist is my main dream, this is something I love to do- and thanks to Polyvore, I do it a lot.

What a better way to welcome Spring than going out with killer outfits?

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