Sunday, 7 February 2016


Hi there! My schedule has been really busy the whole month of January, which has made me disappear from the surface of the Earth- the fact of having lots of exams has made me stay at home for two weekends straight with no social communication with anyone.

Buuuuut every day I have done some Polyvore sets with my favourite pieces of the month, which have been the leather jacket with fur collar, Puma sneakers (sadly sold out), the baby blue bags, the Yeezy sneakers and tan coloured mini skirts, alongside some other complements: aviator glasses, chockers, Fendi´s Karlito keyring and the amazing Sephora mascara I have been using for the past seven months.

I have made a few sets to show you how I would style them (even though -sadly- I don´t own most of these things haha) and this way you get new ideas too!

Last but not least, hopefully this week I will try to get some photos taken with my new camera, and hopefully I won´t break it in the process. Much love! Kat xx

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