Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 winter wishlist

This year is coming to and end - sadly, but at the same time thankfully- to give 2016 a new and fresh start. Each one of us has had a different year, a different opinion, different experiences.
But hey, some clothing articles are here to stay for a long time, not matter what year it is. Here are my new picks for the last time this year!

2015 winter wishlist

-Zara waistcoat: this has been a revolution in a great scale for waistcoats- with detachable fur collars, they make you look really chic and feel warm everywhere except your arms. Anyway, I haven´t got myself one because I myself prefer capes, but this Zara one has reached my heart I swear!
-H&M cape: Capes are being seen pretty much a lot in both runaways and on the streets, and how can you say no to the more affordable ones? They haven´t been much in the spotlight in the past 40 years butthey came back from the holidays and are becoming a staple in many people´s wardrobes!
-Yeezy sneakers: Kanye West´s clothing line is one of the most comfortable looking line I have ever laid my eyes on. Even though it´s pretty pricey, it has gone viral in the past two years and I must say I dream of getting something from there. You go Kanye! (P. s. these aren´t available for now so I can´t link them for you, sorry!)
-YSL Sac de Jour bag: this bag has been the death of me for I don´t know how long. The brand itself has been great lately, and I would bring most of their pieces home. I have seen many celebrities and non-celebrities rock it in such a cool way, I could say this is my dream bag. Hands down best bag of the year.
-Dior sunglasses: their different shape has drawn the attention of many bloggers, mine included. Such originality isn´t very common, in a way that akes these sunnies so attractive for the human eye. I really love these!
-Fendi bag and Karlito phone case: Fendi and its little monsters are an example of how fashion can be really fun when you want to. This bag is pretty simple and has nothing outstanding, while the Karlito phone case is something I find cute and funny everytime I look at it.
-Office booties: these snake print booties are something I have been chasing after for sooooo long. They are pretty easy to style and trendy this season, so grab a pair while you can!
-YSL polka dot bag: Polka dots are always fun, a good change in the wardrobe, but you can get tired of them easily. As I only have one article with little white dots all over it, and I have started to be a little bit too attracted to this pattern. Everyone can agree that polka dots look great in bags!
-YSL booties: high heel is something YSL makes it look pretty attractive as shoes. We can see many times Hailey Baldwin wearing boots from Saint Laurent, and they just look perfect for a night out or even in your everyday life. I adore this pair so much, especially the chain complement in the front.
-H&M fur jacket: this type of jacket has gone viral in the past year- bringing back the 70-80´s vibe along with chockers. It keeps you warm and if you love the fashion trends from 20 years ago, go and get this!
-ASOS velvet choker: I´ve been trying to find the perfect one in the shops I usually buy in but I guess this ASOS one has caught my eye. Simple and perfect, it make syou look kind of grunge and gives you that 90´s vibes that your parents were into (maybe).
-Bella Freud 1970 candle: for the past three months I have been burning vanilla candles non stop, and I won´t until a) I can´t afford them anymore or b) my mum forbiddens me to continue burning them. This one is a little bit pricey but the container is just so cool, I had to add it to my wishlist.
-Lola Hats pom-pom cap: these hats have been pretty trendy for the past few months and the pom-poms that have been added to them makes anyone look a hundred times cuter, seriously. If I find an affordable one around here I will waste no time on buying it.

Better late than ever!

Hi guys! Sorry for not being here much lately, especially during this special time- Christmas!
I know I should have done a wishlist before this post buuuuuuuuut I sadly didn´t, so I thought of showing you guys straight away what I got and hopefully make another post of my favourite stuff of the Christmas sales!
Soooo let´s get down to business, shall we?

what i got for christmas

-Polka dot blouse: new patterns are always welcomed to my wardrobe. And no, I haven´t had anything with little polka dots in it, so this Christmas I gave myself the chance to try something new. Mine is from Bershka, a little bit cropped and perfect to wear with high waited bottoms.
-Navy cropped sweatshirt: I have only had one cropped jumper and two navy ones, so I thought of having kind of a mix for a long time, but hadn´t bought until now. Pull&Bear is always incredible with teeny stuff so I gave it a go and bought a really cute sweatshirt from there. It´s really soft and perfect for winter!
-Velvet shorts: It´s funny because this pair of shorts makes you really hot during summer but you need tights to wear them during winter. Once again these are from Bershka, and they have a lace complement on the outline that makes them classy. They are also pretty soft and guess what- I love love love velvet haha.
-Punching bag and gloves: what a better way to stay fit than boxing? It seems fun and helps you burn lots of calories and makes you strong-which, ladies, doesn´t make you bulky at all. I can´t wait to try it out after wanting to do it for so many months!
- Body wash and lotion: as weird as it sounds, this wasn´t actually a present for me, but for one of my cousins. She wanted the perfume itslef, so she gave me the rest of the pack as a present haha. Both the body was and the lotion smell lovely and I can surely say that I at least use the lotion three times a day to moisturize my hands. 

What did you guys have for presents? Leave in the comments below! Kat x