Friday, 14 February 2014


Hello guys! I would like to tell you some really exciting news (at least, for me): I am going to Australia for three months this summer (winter there)! I am really happy to have the chance of going to different countries to get out of Spain and also to learn English. I think it´s quite interesting to visit different countries of the World while you are able to, not many people have this incredible chance.
I have been to Ireland (once) and to England (twice), and this year I am going to Australia, but the thing is I won´t be able to spend a summer holiday while there- it will be winter there, so I have done a list of basics which I will wear during three months in the other part of the world, so here is what I am thinking of wearing (for now). Maybe there will be changes, but mostly I will wear jumpers, jackets, a beanie (or two), gloves, scarfs, most useful jeans, Chelsea boots and Converse.
Hopefully I will be able to buy clothes and stuff there (I have heard Australia is quite expensive, but I don´t know if that´s true), and have a wonderful time, too.
Hope you all are having a great time :) See you! Xx

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