Thursday, 6 February 2014


Hello there! If you scroll a little bit thorugh my blog you'll be able to see a post of two jumpers I ordered last month... Well, now I can say I've finally got them! I'm glad I didn't have any problem with them!
I am really happy with both of them, they're both better quality than I thought they were, so that made me a lot happier.
My Topshop jumper arrived two or three weeks after I ordered it, while my Teenage Runaway jumper arrived nearly a month later. Anyway, I think the waiting was worth it!
The Topshop jumper is one of the best coloured jumpers I have, to be honest. It is two-toned (you can clearly see that if you get close enough) and is really really cozy, I love it! The truth is I am more into black, white, grey, navy blue and denim, but when I saw this jumper I knew I needed it in my wardrobe. Now that it's finally mine, I contemplate it all day, and I cannot wait to wear it! Also, it's quite wide at the sides, and it makes it even more attractive (it looks like it's a bit oversized, and I love it).
My Teenage Runaway jumper came a week or so after the previous jumper (it's from London Loves LA, if anyone's wondering). This jumper is clearly a little oversized but also really cozy and incredibly warm! I've worn it to school and I have to say it's a must in any school wardrobe. I am so happy with it, and I recommend it 100%. Also, it is not expensive (I payed around 50€), like the Topshop one, so you don't have to pay as much as you have to for a The Reformation jumper (which can cost more than 89€).
So, if you haven't realised yet, I am the happiest girl alive with my two new jumpers!
Do you know any other good jumpers which are not really expensive? Leave comments below please! Love Kat xx P.s. Here I leave you with some photos of the jumpers! (Sorry for the bad quality of my phone)

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