Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Stripes for me, stripes for you

Hello beautiful people, sorry for not posting much, I have been quite busy with school and stuff.
But I brought a post about guess what? Yeah, stripes!
I want to thank not only God but Jesus for stipped clothing, I just love it so much, even though I don´t wear it as much as I wear black clothing (that means nearly everyday). The fact that I have broad shoulders and big breasts makes stripes look unflattering on my upper body, if we talk about T-shirts and jumpers. Nevertheless, I own a pair of stripped jeans which I am in love with (thanks Zara).
It´s important to know your body´s shape to use stripes on your upper body, so first of all, I looked on the Internet information about my body´s shape and stripes weren´t the best choice as they make my shoulders look wider and my breasts look bigger. That´s the main reason why I don´t wear stripes much, but I still love stripped clothing, and I don´t think that will ever change!
I also made some Polyvore sets with stripped clothes- have a look!

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