Saturday, 8 February 2014

School, school, school

Good morning everyone! How is school going? Mine sucks (not literally, I just don´t like getting up really early in the morning), but it´s not that bad. At least I can rock a different outfit everyday without wearing a uniform, always trying to impress myself everyday.
But, the truth is, I usually wear the same or similar outfits nearly three days a week, just because of the fact I am too lazy to think of new ideas when I have to go to school and sit around for seven hours. 
These days I´ve wearing leggings a lot (they´re some of the most comfortable pants the human has invented) and also jumpers, such as my Teenage Runaway one (I am in love with it).
For shoes, I´ve been earing my High Top White Converse everyday during this week, and I think I´ll never get tired of them. Converse are so fabulous.
Instead of messing around with my famous messy buns, I´ve been with my hair down, or sometimes half up half down, since I discovered buns and stuff like that destroy your hair.
Also, I´ve had a new haircut, so I´ll start treating my hair better now, going around with my hair down as much time as I can, and stop doing messy buns and ponytails everytime. Hair need good care to stay healthy, shiny and grow faster!
To sum up: this is one of my this week´s most inspirational outfit, changing it to my London Loves LA jumper and High Top White Converse:
I hope you all have a great weekend :) Xx

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