Saturday, 6 December 2014

Red lips rockin' it

Hello guys! I have been thinking about changing this blog not only a fashion blog but alsoa make-up blog, since I am quite interested in it too.
And to start with this change, this post is about (as the title says) red lips.
I have always associated girls who wore red lipstick with antipatic girls. Whenever you see a girl with red lips you instanly think 'she's dangerous, be careful with her'. And I have turned this feel of fear into admiration.
Red lips scare people. It makes you look really chic, and as we have an example in France, you can wear no make-up at all but red lipstick; and yet you will feel the lioness of the place.
Red lips make you feel confident, cool, rad, someone with high self- esteem (which should include ALL of you), etc. You can rock red lips with any outfit, and that is an important con!
Yesterday I (FINALLY) bought my first red lipstick ever, after wanting it so badly for ages, and I am deeply in love with the PURE RED by Julianne for L'Oreal Paris. The colour is not too strong or too pale, and it is difficult to take it off from your lips in struggling situations- let's say eating. How many girls are scared of stepping out of the restaurant with no-lipstick on? Well, this is not possible wih this lipstick!
Let me just add the fact that the lipatick itself is really really cute!
Give it a try and let me what you think!
P.s I bought mine in If.

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