Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Summer (finally) came!

Hi everyone! I just finished my first college year so now I can finally say that I´m free!
Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys my latest love, which is the white color. I just picture thousands of outfits that give you that fresh look for summer, and so I´ll tell you my favorite white pieces as for June!

Untitled #10772

The off-the-shoulder blouse has been popular for a couple of years now, but I recently bought one very similar to this one from H&M, to give a bit more of a chic look to my everyday outfits- which lately have consisted of very simple ones, making me look as if I was going to class in my PJ´s.

As for jeans, I have realized how much popularity are getting the mom jeans (or relaxed jeans for that matter), and it feels like saying goodbye to wearing skinny jeans 24/7- which is fine by me!

When it comes to bags, I have been using mini bags or small backpacks for the last two months or so, as I feel lighter with them and doesn´t make you feel like you got to carry Captan America´s shield everytime you go out or to work. I can´t forget the little travel bag either! It´s great to have one of these not only when you go on holidays, as it is just as functional to carry everyday makeup with you without worrying of something spilling in there. #lifesaver

Last but not least, summerish shoes are all I have been dreaming for since the good weather made its first appearance here in Barcelona- mules and espradilles are my constant mood, I swear. I own a pair of tan colores espradilles already, but the laced ones are just too cute! 

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