Friday, 16 September 2016

Street style inspo: KNEDALL JENNER

Today´s bloggers are mostly inspired by the street style that mostly models and celebrities provide us. They give us ideas of how to style new runway pieces in a simple and effortless way. One of the models that has caught my eye- for a reeeally long time now, actually- is Kendall Jenner.
The oh-so-well-known celebrity got the chance to start a modelling career, which has led her to experiment with the new stuff of the contemporary designers, creating minimalist and cool outfits.


She usually goes for neutral, blue and warm colors, mixing them with each other with the achievement of a trendy palette. These colors are worn quite a lot nowadays, and they are aesthetically pleasing.

The fact that she usually wears more than one piece of clothing of the same color -in this pic both the jacket and the shoes are a similar blue- makes her avoid the "trying-too-hard" look, which is always a plus.

Most of her outfits are usually combined with a pair of sunglasses and a mini bag, which are her go-to accessories when it comes to going out.

When it comes to hair and makeup, she usually goes for a natural bronzed look (never too much, no one likes looking like a dorito) with simple hairstyles, such as the half up half down, a messy bun, or just keeping it down. Her simplicity is one of the most attractive features of her style.

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