Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pink Clean Rib Jumper as its best!

Hi guys! First of all, I would like to start apologyzing for being a lot of time without posting anything, and I know I can´t do that, so I will try my best to don´t do that again!
Well, as many of you know, Topshop´s jumpers are amazing, and everyone (well, most of us, at least) love them. Lately, I have been looking for jumpers, and thanks to Siena (fiftyshadesofsiena on Tumblr) I´ve seena lovely pink jumper from Topshop, which can be used as much as you want during winter, with some gloves, a thick coat and a lovely beanie, or during summer, around the waist or to be used at night, when the temperature decreases a little. Here I will leave some of the outfits I´ve posted on Polyvore for you to see different ways to style this lovely jumper. Let your comment below please, I would like to know your opinion! Much love xx

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