Sunday, 9 October 2016


Hi guys! So two weeks ago I started a new chapter in my life- I moved to Barcelona (yikes!) and started my first year in university. As I´m pretty far from home, I had to pick some basic stuff for all the seasons and it had to be wearable for my everyday life. So, taking that as the main aim to pack, I did a list of the basic stuff you need whenever you move out of your house.

JEANS are the go-to in my everyday life. Whether they are leather pants, basic jeans, or neutral color - I like to go for black, white and grey jeans-. You have to choose the pairs that are the most comfortable and easy to combine with the part of your wardrobe that is going with you. Some derivations that are trendy nowadays are mom, boyfriend and ripped jeans.

When it comes to TEES, I usually go for black,/navy/white/grey basic ones, even though stripes and checked shirts are an interesting choice too. Moving out to a new place doesn´t mean you don´t get to continue shopping, so I opte for the clothing that can be combined easily and is minimalist- this way I get to buy the "trendier" stuff once I settle down in the city.

Don´t forget to choose the adequate OUTERWEAR! Keep in mind you have to pack the clothes that will be mostly useful for the four seasons. This means, pack only the necessary: I always go for a leather, denim and bomber jacket, as they are useful both in warm and cool weather. But it´s true that parkas and long cozy coats help you through a really cold winter, so packing one or two of those is never a bad idea.

When it comes to SWEATERS, I like to pick some minimalist ones, without much print on them. I get to wear them with more outfits and combining gets easier in my case. Also, I usually get to pick sweaters that are not too light nor too cozy- this way you can wear them both in good and bad weather. Nevertheless, pick a cozy one and a light one (one of each is fine), as sometimes it can get too hot or too cold outside. But yeah, I usually go to something in the middle of those two extremes.

When it comes to SHIRTS, I don´t waste much time thinking what I´m going to pick- I always take at least one white blouse with me, along with a formal striped shirt and a flannel (which is seen as more informal). A denim shirt won´t hurt either!

BODYSUITS have come back from the dead after years without appearing in the shops. This year the lacy look and the V neckline have been quite strong, making the outfit cocky and chic at the same time. These bodysuits are really feminine and I really love them, they are perfect for going for a walk or partying.

Along with that, PLAYSUITS and DRESSES are a must in a wardrobe. Nowadays you can find slip dresses anywhere, which are versatile and have made a comeback from the 90´s. Ribbed dresses and cute playsuits are always  a great choice for school too, as they don´t give you the "trying too hard" look.

When it comes to shorts and skirts, denim and suede are a must. They are in and both materials are wearable in winter and summer. Also, really easy to find in any shop!

SNEAKERS, BOOTS and SANDALS are an important part of a whole-year-packing. White sneakers have been going around for a while -see adidas, nike, and brands like Isabel Marant and YSL-, and the fact that they are very versatile makes them become a crucial part of your moving out wardrobe. Furthermore, same goes with ankle booties and over-the-knee boots- they are in any shop and easy to wear with summerish outfits or during winter. Sandals, on the other hand, are mostly for summer -yep, quite logical actually-, but as Barcelona is a warm place to live in- compared to my town, at least, you never go bad with a pair of sandals to let your feet breathe!

It´s also quite funny how many types of HATS are trendy this season: fedoras, caps, and as we are in fall already, don´t forget the beanies! A great way of not letting the rays of sunshine heat up your head, nor the cold winter from freezing it.

Apart from this, do not forget to bring more than one handbag! It´s always a good idea to bring a small and a big one, for different purposes. No one wants to go clubbing with an Oversized Alexa Mulberry bag, right?!

When it comes to accessories, I always tend to bring at least two pair of sunglasses, two necklaces, my watch, and some rings and earrings, to complement my outfit. It may sound stupid but never underestimate how a necklace or a pair of sunglasses can level up your outfit!

And that´s all for today folks! Hope you found this moving out guide a bit helpful!

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