Thursday, 16 January 2014

New season, new wardrobe

Hello guys! As you know, winter´s end is near and there will not be more scarfs-gloves-cozy jumpers looks for almost a year... but hey, when something ends, another thing starts! And with this I mean that saying "goodbye winter" means a "hello spring"! And you know what does that mean?
... Exactly! New wardrobe! So go and buy fresh stuff from your favourite shops and rock them! But also spend your money on sales, they won´t be there all the year and hopefully you will get something you´ll need or will be useful during this winter-spring change!
I will post some fresh outfits on Polyvore, so I´d love you to have a look! :)
You can go here:
I hope you have a nice day and rock your last winter outfits! But let´s not forget that the accessory of a girl is her smile, and same with the boys :) 
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