Monday, 23 December 2013

Outfit of the day (at home)

Hello there!
Today I am wearing a very simple but effective outfit, which consists of an oversized Thomas Burberry jumper and a pair of simple Acid Wash Zara Treggings.
The jumper was a little present from my grandmother, because she didn't use it much (only once or twice, and that was a few years ago), and I must say it is very lovely and comfortable. Also, is a little plus the fact that is oversized, because I love oversized jumpers. They are definitely my favourite ones!
The Zara Treggings are one of the most comfortable treggings I've ever worn, but they are not my size (I've got them really big, so they don't fit me properly), and it makes them look really loose around my waist and ankles. But, apart from that, I love this outfit. Here are some photos!

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