Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Who said what?!

Hello guys! Today I´d like to talk about something that I´ve been thinking of a while now.
Well, I´ve heard many critics about wearing a dress, sometimes a summer dress during winter, like for example: "How can you wear that dress if it´s winter? Are you mad?!" and stuff like that.
Let me tell you that wearing a dress, not matter the dress´ length and things like that, it can be perfectly wearable during winter. How? Well, I have some ideas of how to style a summer/ everyday dress during winter. Do you want to see? Go to my Polyvore account and see if you like my ideas, or anything like that.
But, even though I´ve said that, you should know there are some dresses which are better be worn during summer, just because of the fact their material/s is/are too thin to be worn during winter, or because of the colours sometimes. Be careful with your choice!
By the way, her eis my Polyvore acocunt:
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