Saturday, 5 July 2014

Inspiration of the week: Alexa Chung

Hi there! So I started doing some kind of inspiration board, and yerterday I saved some pictures of my latest fashion inspirations for the board. As I went looking to Alexa Chung´s pictures, I thought "Hey, how about doing a weekily post about my inspirations?" 
And that it what I´m going to go; this way, you get the chance to see who inspires me everyday and who I look up to when I get dressed.
My first post about fashion inspirations will be Alexa Chung, and here I am going to explain some esssentials in her wardrobe. Here we go!
First of all, Alexa loves leopard tops, such as jumpers, jackets... Which is quite fashionable nowadays in the fashion world. She likes to style these type of tops with knee-length skirts, both sequin or plaid ones. She also owns thousands of clutches to combine with these outfits to complete them.
Apart from this, she loves to wear these kinds of skirts with all kind of blouses or shirts, most of them very classy (button-up ones) with different types of patterns and colours, which she wears most for when she has to pose in front of the camera.
Alexa also loves dungarees, which she pulls off with every kind of clothing, shoes, hairstyle, everything. Whenever she shows styling them in a different way she always rocks them like noone can. That is something I love about her.
Chung also has this trendy style, which she just completes with some basic high-waisted shorts, a cream-coloured blouse or shirt and a lightweight parka for summer, along with some flats and Chanel bags, and also Mulberry too (she has her own bag in Mulberry called with the same name as her, the Mulberry Alexa).
Last but not least, we have seen her quite much on the typical English festivals, where we can see her wearing some denim shorts, striped T-Shirts and jumpers, with an amazing leather biker jacket (which is very wearable), and knee socks worn with some rain boots (we all know what the weather is like in England).

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