Monday, 13 January 2014

New jumpers!

Hi guys! Are you having a good day? Mine was fantastic! I have started doing Yoga, even though today was the first time I did actually, and have had a great time with everyone.
ALso, I am happy because yesterday I ordered two new jumpers which I have wanted for a really long time, and hopefully they will arrive before February! Here you can see which ones I am talking about:
That´s it- my new favourite Topshop jumper! This pale pink coloured one has stolen my heart and I´ve wanted it for so long!
And also this classic Teenage Runaway jumper from London Loves LA, which has been worn by Harry Styles- the moment I saw it I felt in love with it, and being the way I am, I started thinking of different ways to wear this simple jumper, even though I´ve never thought I would be able to buy it, because everyone knows not everything is forever in stock.. But I´m glad I finally bought it!
Leave your comments below please! Have a fun day :) xx

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