Sunday, 26 January 2014

New outfit

Hello guys! This morning I remembered yesterday I dind´t post my outfit of the day/night because I totally forgot it, so here you have the only picture I took:
Today’s outfit’s favourites: Zara’s checked mini skirt and Hunters. (Along with H&M jacket and jumper and my black messenger bag from Stradivarious, which aren’t shown). :)
My favourite pieces of this outfit were, as you can see in the picture, my Zara checked mini ksirt and my Hunters. I used these boots because yesterday was one of those rainy days when you can´t go with any other shoes than Hunters. 
My outfit consisted, along with the mini skirt and Hunters,on a black cropped jumper and a jacket, both from H&M, and my black Stradivarious messenger bag. I had more than one hairstyle, so I can´t tell you how I looked...
Hope you have an amazing day! X

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