Monday, 29 December 2014

2014´s last wishes.

As I have not bought much these months, I wanted to end the year withshowing you  some stuff I am interested in. 
Right now, I am really into Acne, Topshop, Asos, Zara and All Saints: they all have amazing (and good quality) clothes, shoes and accessories that I am in love with!
For instance, I find most of Acne´s outerwear lovely: they are cozy and fashionable at the same time, who could ask more? Besides, their boots are on point, as always, keeping them simple but stylish.
Talking about Topshop, I would buy nearly 99% of the shop´s stuff. It is always fashionable and original, which makes me like it as much as I do. Also, I have to add that it is not as expensive as Acne, so hey, that´s a good point!
Zara has always had my heart, as well as my mum´s. We are both zaraholics- if that makes any sense? Whenever we go shopping this shop is the first one we go into, and we never get out from there without one of their bags.
Asos is very well-known for their good quality, and their amazing stuff. They are always on point and get on my wishlist without trying to! Check it if you haven´t yet, you will not regret it- there is always something that catches your eye.
All Saints, as expensive as it is, is not really famous in my wardrobe, but yes in my head and polyvore sets. It´s a shame it is not really affordable, but do not get me wrong: it is all about their amazing quality. And their sales are fantastic!

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