Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas presents! :)

Hii guys! Have you had lost of presents last night? I hope you did! Today, I am going to post my presents, which are (of course) clothes and accessories!
First of all, I'd like to start with my H&M jacket (which is similar to the Kooples one Eleanor Calder owns!), and I am in love with it! It's so cozy and perfect for winter, or even autumn or spring, so I think I'll use it a lot.
Also, I got the Zara tartan skirt, which even taking the smallest size of the shop, is really big! So, if any of you is going to buy it, firstly you should try it on, to see if it fits you!
Apart from this, I also got some Chelsea boots from Stradivarius. They're so comfortable and also go with everything, even if you want to go in a fully winter outfit, or in a totally summer one! They're fabulous and have little details which make them more attractive, and I cannot wait to wear them today!
And I can't forget about the Zara playsuit! When I saw Danielle Bernstein wearing it, I was overwhelmed about it, and I wanted it so badly.
I also got a funny simple T-Shirt for only 4€, and a Massimo Dutti snood (thanks grandma) which is so cozy and perfect.
And I also stole some rings frm my other grandmother, so I think that's also kind of a present! :)
Hope you have a lovely day!
Here are some pictures of my presents (sorry for the bad quality):

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