Sunday, 22 December 2013

Fashion Inspiration(s)

Hello there! I am sure most of you have at least one fashion role-model or inspiration, right? Have you ever been critiqued because of trying to get her/his look? I have got an opinion about this, and I´d like to share it with you.
I personally think that the fact of having a fashion inspiration is not something bad; actually, I think it´s something great, because that person is someone you look up to and has got a lovely style for you (that´s why is your fashion inspiration, most of the times). But, just because of that, it does not mean you have to change your personal style to the way he or she dresses. Not at all. Well, maybe you can dress in a way which is inspired in that person, but I think it shouldn´t change the way your dress into something totally different.
Also, the fact that some people look up to their inspirations so much that they dress really similarly or even the same way as them... I don´t like it at all. I mean, a fashion inspiration is someone who has her or his personal style (normally) which really suits her or him, but I am sure your fashion inspirations do not copy other people´s style, right? And if you do that, there are possibilities that you will get critics because of copying someone. The key in fashion is being original, even though you can have many inspirations, and get some of the clothes they wear, or the way they style some particular shoes, for instance.
But never, ever, lose your personal style because of your fashion inspiration. And with this, I am going to sleep. Good night! Xx

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