Monday, 23 December 2013

Fashion Outlets

Hi guys, have you heard about Fashion Outlets? They are some fabulous sites or shops where clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and more are cheaper than they are in normal shops or their sites. And, of course, there are outlets of very famous brands such as Mulberry, Burberry, Kurt Geiger, and more!
Four months ago I bought my Oversized Mulberry Alexa Bag with a 58% of discount in one of the Mulberry Outlet sites, and I got surpised at the fact that not many people know about this incredible sites (or shops). It is like go thrift shopping, more or less. It´s a great way to buy designer clothes, shoes, bags, etc without spending such a huge amount of money on them, and they are the same quality, so I admire the fact that people do this kind of things.
After saying this, I do not want to make you think that even if you find designer things in an outlet, that does not mean they are not expensive! I mean, they are much cheaper than in other shops, but you will have to save much money up to buy a designer thing.
With this, I just wanted to show you a way to buy a designer thing without spending much money on it, and I hope this helped you a little bit.
Hope you have a wonderful day! Much love xx

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