Sunday, 1 June 2014

What´s trendy in my town?

This past months I have been looking for what seems to be a "must have" in my small town and around here, so I thought about making a post about it (and to apologise for my lack of posts, too, exams and stuff keep me really busy).
It wasn´t really difficult to see what´s trendy here because mostly everyone dresses the same way, so I didn´t have many problems with the observation thing.
HERE are the essentials if you want to have a trendy look:
First of all- a simple jean jacket. Everyone owns one, it´s a MUST in every wardrobe, and also really sofisticated. lso, as it goes with everything, it´s not a problem to think what you canw ear with it. It also can be worn during either summer or winter.
Secondly, a crop top and a graphic shirt. They are worn by the 99.99999% of the teenagers (the others just don´t take off their PJ´s). They mainly have city pictures, quotes or cute animals on them, and they are perfect if you haven´t got anything to wear with those new jeans and unique shoes which can´t be worn with almost anything.
Apart from this, don´t forget your neon top. Even if you are going to a club with your friends, or just taking pictures with them on the park. They make it easier to find you if you get lost too.
Also, white and black sneakers are being quite trendy these past months. Even if they got platform or not. And if you already have a pair of those colours, you can always go for an animal print- such as leopard, zebra, etc.
Don´t forget the lightweight khaki jacket (or parka). It has been quite trendy this past years, and this trend doesn´t stop when winter ends. Your wardrobe always has to be prepared for (at least) two weathers- the cold one, and the warm one. This is one of the main reasons why you should have a parka AND a lightweight jacket (khaki, of course. If not dark blue it´s trendy too) in your disposition.
Last but not least, everyone owns a bowling bag. It´s perfect to keep your basic things there if you´re out, and also really comfortable.
Write your comments below! X
What´s trendy in my town?

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