Saturday, 7 June 2014


Hello guys! Today's post will be about an incredible shop called By Wicca, which I saw while I was in Donostia (in The Basque Country, a very beautiful and great place for tourism and shopping) with my family, as I had a meeting about aboad travelling to Australia (yes guys, I cannot wait to go there!).
So, as I was walking through the streets, I got the opportunity to see this shop from the outside, as it was closed (it was 9 p.m. by that time), but I was able to see some clothes which I (and also my mum... yes, my mum) would love to have in our wardrobes.
I saw this tank shirt with a simple bycicle on the front and I fell in love with it, as it's wearable and fashionable during summer, and it's minimalist and fun.
Also, I saw the typical hipster jumper with the 'geek' thing (which I haven't got) and the wine colour just gets me everytime I see it. I love that jumper!
To end my live for this shop, I also got the chance to see a beautiful vintage artwork of Kurt Cobain, and I'd like to see it hanging on any wall of my room!
I also got a T-shirt of The Rolling Stones from this shop two years ago or so, thanks to my mum (credits to her for being the best mum in the world)
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