Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cheaper similars- total bargain

How many times have we seen our fashon inspirations wearing an amazing piece of clothing or complements and have fallen in love with them? And how many times have those things been extremely pricey and you have not been able to buy it? Well, here I come with a great solution for you (and me)!
Thanks to Polyvore, I have got the chance of finding similar pieces of clothing such as tops, shoes, bags, coats, and more, with a ridiculously difference if we talk about their price.
Lately, I have seen pictures of one of my main inspirations (Eleanor Calder) while she was in France with One Direction, wearing an amazing YSL bag, but just looking the label, you can clearly think that the bag won´t be cheap. So after a bit of searching, I have finally found a similar one for a lot less money- Kate Spade´s one! They are both really similar, but talking about their price, the second one is much more affordable than the first one.
Also, we have all heard about the Rocco bag (by Alexander Wang), seen in many celebrities and bloggers since it came out. Well, as it´s not very affordable for most of us, I have found a nearly identical bag for the ridiculous price of 50 Canadian dollars!
If you get lucky enough to find cheaper similars to the clothing or complements worn by your fashion inspirations or celebrities, you can write the link down to check them!

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