Saturday, 8 March 2014

Shopping for SS 2014

Hello guys! As the title says, this post is about the shopping I did yesterday (7th March) with my family, and I am going to post what I bought, which consists of a few but cute things.
Actually, I did a kind of "strange" shopping yesterday, as I went to El Corte Inglés (like a Spanish Harrods, if that makes any sense) and not to Zara, Mango, Stradivarious, H&M, etc (as I always do). 
Well, I must say I loved the shopping trip, and I love El Corte Inglés, so you can tell I am really happy.
The problem is, I haven´t got a phone, so I cannot upload the pictures, but I can tell you what I bought: some cutout boots similar to the Balenciaga/Jeffrey Campbell ones, an oversized dark denim jacket with borg collar, some earphones (which are really cute as they have some birds painted) and Midnight Memories (maybe the best purchase I have ever done).
If you want to see pictured of my purchases, go and follow me on Instagram (kattaling98) and Tumblr (kattalincloset).
Have fun today! X

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