Monday, 3 March 2014

New trending shoes!

Hello! Today I thought about writing a post about these new shoes (which drive me crazy)- called slip ons. What is special about this shoes?
Okay, first of all, they are really easy to put on. You just have to slip your feet in them- that´s where their name comes from.
As I have seen the past few months, these shoes are becoming really popular among us, bloggers, etc. A great thing I find about them is that there are many different types of slip ons; covered in velvet, calfhair, snake skin, and more, just to name some.
Also, they are wearable with everything (depending on the colour you choose), but mostly they can be worn in a casual style, chic style...
They are a MUST in your wardrove this SS 14 season, so whatg are you waiting for?
Here are some of my favourite slip ons (most of them are designer shoes, obviously):
Slip ons

Hope you have a good day, much love! Xx

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