Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Nightmare outfits

Hi there! Are you enjoying this summer as much as you can? I´m actually trying to- but it seems imposible as I have been sick for over a week and a half now and cannot go out and enjoy myself as much... I think someone out there is playing a really bad trick on me or something.
The things is, in what it seems like a month, I will start with my classes again (as this will be my last school year before uni) and I need to start buying new clothes to slay in my new school.
According to what I have seen in the street style pictures that are all over Tumblr, I have chosen some of my favourite trendy things that will be seen this fall, and I have put some of my ideas out there in case I´m stuck in the mornings not knowing what to wear. Yes, this first world problem seems to be pretty popular among teenagers nowadays, and it looks like I am one of them.

I must say that my favourite piece out of all of these is, without a doubt, the suede mini skirt- I am going to buy one as soon as posible, and I am already waiting for the "perfect one" to arrive to my favourite shops (Zara and H&M).
I have also realized that my love for grey clothing is growing fast, in a way of changing a bit of my all-black-everyday outfits- which seem to bother some people around me?! As an old proverb says, "Those who cannot handle an all black outfit are WEAK". Or something like that.

Don´t forget to go outside and enjoy the sun and hot temperatures as much as you can guys! Kat xx

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