Saturday, 3 October 2015


Fringes have leveled up in an extreme way in the past seasons- they have been worn and styled up in some new ways that I never thought of and they look really fun in bags, jackets and boots mostly. 
They make your look feel pretty relaxed and fun, which is what really attracts me- as you may already know, I´m more into the laid-back style, so this touch to the outfits is perfect to make me fall in love with them. Also it gives you a really cool look for festivals, which makes fringes a must-have for the Coachella or Lolla Pallooza days.
The best thing is that fringes can be worn during all the seasons, so it isn´t something that you are going to keep in your wardrobe for half of the year.
As I cannot upload any pictures of my outfits (I broke my phone, once again), I will mainly make posts like this to keep you updated on my style.
If you have some problems with how to style fringed clothes or bags or accessories, here you have some ideas that I came up with :) xx

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