Saturday, 3 October 2015

Fashion week outfits // September 2015

Long time no see! Since I have started school (ugh, must I add) I have been really busy for anything actually, I haven´t been much on polyvore or on my blog and that makes me sad. It´s difficult trying to catch up with your blog and stuff when you actually need to catch up with your new school! (Yes, I changed schools so that I could learn more about design and fashion, so even though I am not here making posts, I am still in the designing and fashion world)
And of course, better late than never, right? I really hate the fact that school starts just when the fashion weeks come to brighten up our post-summer days, and now that it´s getting quite chilly I thought of my dream outfits that I would wear if I wasn´t attending school right now.
I really missed the cozy jumpers and boots, but the new trend of capes is killing me!I´m glad designers brought them back, mostly because I can´t wait to get one in my hands as they are a simple but chic sample of the fashion world.
Here I have some ideas of the past days for fashion week! Xx


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