Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas wishlist 2014

Hello world- how are you doing? I am really excited as Christmas is (finally) coming and you know what does that mean? FOOD. LOTS OF FOOD. And family meals too, which means more food. Food everywhere, that´s what Christmas is about. (Well, not exactly).
This year´s Christmas wishlist is full of shoes and accessories as I have been really attracted to many pieces of this year, such as oxford shoes or sneakers such as Vans or Superga. Zara and YSL boots are so on point too, and thanks god one of them is pretty affordable!
Stella MCCartney, Céline and Saint Laurent have made me fall 1000 times more in love with them, but not with their prices! Their bags are just 10/10 or even more if it is possible, but totally not affordable for people like me, so they will remain in my dreams until I get enough money to buy anything from them.
I am also looking forward to owning a pair of black Ray Bans that I will hopefully get soon... hopefully. 
What´s on yo9ur wishlist list? Comment below! 
Christmas wishlist 2014

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