Monday, 28 July 2014

Inspiration of the week: Eleanor Calder

Hello everyone! This post will be all about the style essentials of the one and only Eleanor Calder, my biggest inspiration for my everyday life, looks, and everything. This girl has change dmy life in many different ways and my look is one of them- most of my style is inspired in her way of rocking practically everything she owns, from casual jeans to designer bags. So, here we go!
To start with the post I´ve been willing to write for years, I am going to start with the most essential thing she owns and completes her wardrobe- black jeans. Usually seen in her Topshop Leigh jeans, she has worn them 99% of the time we get pictures of her whenever it is in a One Direction concert or walking on the street with her boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. These pair of jeans are an essential in any wardrobe, they go with everything and everyone has zero problems pulling them off, not matter your  body shape or anything like that, as they-actually- show your curves and flatter all the shapes. No excuses.
When I first saw pictures of her she was really classy, always wearing a light coloured blouse, but as the years came her style has changed a bit- now you can nearly see her everyday wearing a simple jumper (oversized, easy jumper...) and she makes some cute outfits with them, normally wearing some sneakers or boots. Most comfortable piece of clothing ever.
Also, her shoe-taste is the best I know- she usually rocks dark coloured or monochrome ones (usually from Topshop) almost all year, not matter if it is summer or winter. She uses brogues quite a lot along with any type of ankle boots or mid-calf boots. She is also seen with sneakers such as Converse, Vans and slip-ons.
High-waisted shorts are a total must in her wardrobe, they are really fashionable again and make your bum look better! They also make your stomach look flatter and let you wear a blouse or shirt underneath them without looking weird at all. Don´t matter how dark or light coloured theya re, there are heaps ways for wearing them!
Let´s not forget about her beautiful dresses- usually from Zara and Topshop (sometimes designer ones), and how they flatter her thin body shape, letting her legs be seen with some beautiful sandals or flats.
How about some leather jackets? Yes, most of them are quite pricy, but how appropiate are they for winter walks or for a rocking outfit with a summer dress and some heels? They keep you warm but not too much, so you can use them during summer nights, but they keep you warm enough to use them in winter along with a scarf and some not-too-thick jumper.
What can I say about her amazing dungarees and playsuits? From denim ones to sporty-classy ones, she really knows how to wear them not matter what season is- that´s why she owns long and shorts ones, perfect for each type of season. These have been quite fashionable in the last years and now they are quite trendy among teenagers, so don´t forget to get a pair!
Last but not least, I am going to tell you some facts about her bags: yes, most of them are signature ones- Mulberry and Saint Laurent are the ones she has used quite frequently in the last year- and yes, most of them are dark coloured- black mostly. As they haven´t got a bright colour such as yellow, orange, red, etc, she can use them with all her outfits-they never get "too seen" or "too used". There are many fo them which are quite similar to the ones she uses in shops such as Zara, Mango, Topshop and more!
Comment below! Love from Kat xx

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