Saturday, 19 July 2014

Australian trends

Gooday guys! How are you? As you may know, I am in Australia for three months (that's the reason why I am not posting much and I am a bit inactive on Polyvore), and I got a great idea- I thought of showing you what is trendy in Adelaide, where I am staying.
Today I went to a market (which was really lovely by the way) and saw a part of a flashmob, and while I was there, I took the chance to see what people were wearing, so I thought 'hey, I have seen this quite a lot, what about posting it on my blog?' So yes, this is what I am going to do.
Okay, there we go with the must haves of Adelaide!
First of all, as in many countries, jeans and dark bottoms are the trendiest pieces of clothing here. You may see midi skirts, but you can clearly see people pulling off all different types of jeans. While some use these, other go for black jeans, or dark ones-like brown, dark blue, dark green, etc.
I have also seen many people wearing high boots- unlike in Spain, where the midcalf boots are the most popular boots right now, here many people own a pair of boots which go from your toes to your knee. Which are actually perfect for Australian winter.
Talking about outerwear, I have seen mostly green parkas in my town, but in Adelaide most people go for really dark ones or cream- coloured ones.
Apart from this, mustard and red seem to be the most popular colours among Australians. These two colours have been worn in scarves, jeans, fluffy jumpers, teess, and some coats. It looks like they are really loved here!

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