Monday, 28 December 2015

Better late than ever!

Hi guys! Sorry for not being here much lately, especially during this special time- Christmas!
I know I should have done a wishlist before this post buuuuuuuuut I sadly didn´t, so I thought of showing you guys straight away what I got and hopefully make another post of my favourite stuff of the Christmas sales!
Soooo let´s get down to business, shall we?

what i got for christmas

-Polka dot blouse: new patterns are always welcomed to my wardrobe. And no, I haven´t had anything with little polka dots in it, so this Christmas I gave myself the chance to try something new. Mine is from Bershka, a little bit cropped and perfect to wear with high waited bottoms.
-Navy cropped sweatshirt: I have only had one cropped jumper and two navy ones, so I thought of having kind of a mix for a long time, but hadn´t bought until now. Pull&Bear is always incredible with teeny stuff so I gave it a go and bought a really cute sweatshirt from there. It´s really soft and perfect for winter!
-Velvet shorts: It´s funny because this pair of shorts makes you really hot during summer but you need tights to wear them during winter. Once again these are from Bershka, and they have a lace complement on the outline that makes them classy. They are also pretty soft and guess what- I love love love velvet haha.
-Punching bag and gloves: what a better way to stay fit than boxing? It seems fun and helps you burn lots of calories and makes you strong-which, ladies, doesn´t make you bulky at all. I can´t wait to try it out after wanting to do it for so many months!
- Body wash and lotion: as weird as it sounds, this wasn´t actually a present for me, but for one of my cousins. She wanted the perfume itslef, so she gave me the rest of the pack as a present haha. Both the body was and the lotion smell lovely and I can surely say that I at least use the lotion three times a day to moisturize my hands. 

What did you guys have for presents? Leave in the comments below! Kat x

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