Saturday, 27 May 2017

Hair inspiration of the month

So two years ago I had my hair silver, white, blonde, purple, green and black- all in a matter of 6 months (wow I did change my hair color quite a lot! haha). But since summer 2015, I have had it brunette, natural, and now I have the same exact issue I had back when I first wanted to dye it: I´m bored of it!

I consider myself someone who is versatile when it comes to life in general- I like to change every once in a while, as I get bored of routines really easily. Same goes with my hair. And so I have been thinking about taking some inspiration from other bloggers and influencers from Instagram... and one of them REALLY stands out on my list. I´m talking about Alexandra Burimova.

Her style is amazing, her Instagram pics are even more, but her hair style is the cherry on top.

I have been following her for ages now, and my inner let´s-change-my-hair spirit has been totally swept over its feet with her most recent hairstyle. Being a natural brunette, Burimova has been dying her hair this ashy blonde color for a long time- and it suits her very, very well. 

When it comes to me, I wanna let my hair grow a bit more before doing anything with it, as I want to let it grow in peace and in a healthy way before changing it. That´s why, maybe after this summer, I might go to the hairdresser´s- I´m one of those people who only go there if it´s REALLY necessary- and try this look.

Just as I got inspiration from her, I hope some of you get it too! By the way, her Instagram name is @burimova, if anyone is interested on seeing more of her. xx

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